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Tips of yacht safety and solutions

2016-04-07 12:27:42 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

Safe operation

1. To ensure that the yacht is in a safe state of operation, it is necessary to check the hull, engine, communication equipment and other equipment frequently.

2. When refueling a yacht, make sure you know the tank capacity and the fuel consumption at the usual speed (engine speed) of the yacht.

3. Ensure that the yacht carries enough fuel for navigation.

4. Ensure that the yacht is equipped with fire extinguishers and life-saving equipment.

5. Watch the weather. Watch out for weather changes and check local weather reports before departure.

6. Carry accurate and up-to-date charts of navigational waters.

7. Do not use boarding springboards or ladders while the engine is still running.

8. Do not overload or improperly load.

9. Don't exceed speed limits or capabilities.

10. Don't drive a yacht in weather or sea conditions that exceed your experience and capabilities.

11. Don't drive a yacht after drinking.

12. Don't drive a yacht with poor visibility.


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Emergency treatment in distress

In distress

1. Call for help at sea.

2. In case of necessity, we can use mirrors or put dyes into the sea to send distress signals.

Engine failure

1.Engine overheating

2. Find a safe place to anchor and stop the ship.

3. Turn the shift level to neutral and turn off the engine.

4. Check the engine to see if there is any steam leakage.

5. Check all sluices and cooling pipes if there is no coolant or steam leakage.

6. If the engine is equipped with fresh water cooling device, check the level of cooling oil. If the level is low, continue 7. Check the rubber hose and interface to see if leakage can be found.

Battery failure

Leakage of Battery Electrolyte

1. Keep ventilation in leak area;

2. Pour sodium bicarbonate on the leaking solution to neutralize the acid in the electrolyte.

3. Use disposable cloth or paper towel to wipe away neutralized electrolyte.

5. Circuit System Faults

Stop working in case of circuit system

1. First check the fuse or circuit breaker on the main distribution board to turn off the ignition device and all other 2. Switches, including circuit breakers;

3. Check any burnt fuse and replace it as soon as it is found.

4. If the fuse in the same place burns again or the circuit breaker closes, the circuit should be avoided.

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