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How to choose the right engine dashboard?

2018-02-06 18:54:56 Marine Gauges Supplier Read


A qualified engine dashboard will tell you the exact engine-related information, and the slightest difference will affect the safety of the entire driving, so careless.

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How can you tell if an engine dashboard is qualified? Here we share some information about how to select an engine dashboard.

There are various sizes and types of marine instruments on the market, and the general criteria for judging their performance can be seen from these aspects:

High accuracy, especially some unique suspension structures and removable pointers, enables each instrument to be tested and calibrated independently.

It has reliable performance and long service life, and its zero maintenance should be considered in terms of brand and quality.

Intelligent lighting, no solid-state dial lighting is at the top edge, but from the bottom of the translucent dial lighting, so as to achieve the best reading effect.

Waterproof, preferably double-glazed dashboard surface with good waterproof function.

Two circular frames. All instruments have two circular frames. One is made of black plastic and the other is made of chrome-plated plastic. Dimensions can be selected according to preference and hull trim.


In addition to the accurate engine table, the components that make up the engine dashboard need to be equipped with other dashboards to form a complete dashboard. These dials include: tachometer (with timer), hourmeter, voltmeter, water temperature gauge, exhaust temperature alarm, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, rudder display, water level indicator, oil level gauges,  wastewater tank meter.


Standards to be considered for accessories (examples)

Tachometer (with timer)

For example, 12/24 V DC is suitable for generators with W-joints. It is suitable for diesel engines with a scale of 0-4000r.p.m.

Tachmeter gauges.png


Engine hour meter, connected with ignition switch.

hour meter for truck.jpg



For example, it is suitable for 12 or 24 volts of direct current with scales of 10-16 volts and 20-32 volts, respectively.


                                                                                     marine digital Voltmeter.png

Water Temp Gauge

Generally, it can be applied to 12 or 24 volts DC current with a scale of 40-120 and 105-250. Temperature sensors can also be selected as an option.

water temp gauge car.png


Drainage temperature alarm

It is specially designed for wet exhaust systems. When the temperature of the exhaust hose or muffler exceeds the allowable value, there will be light alarm and sound alarm signals. When two engines are equipped with two sensors, the sensor can be connected with two alarms if necessary, such as when there are two cabs.


For example: scale: +/-60A, 12 or 24 V DC, with shunt. A ammeter calibrated +/-100A with a separate shunt can also be selected.

Ampmeter .png

Oil Pressure Gauge

12 or 24 V DC is optional. Calibration: 0-8kg/c_and 0-110p.s.i. oil pressure sensor can also be used as an option.

oil pressure meter.png

Wastewater Tank Level Gauge

The interface of the wastewater tank can be equipped with warning lights, so that when the water tank is full or not in use,  the warning lights will be lighting.

                             wastewater tank gauges.png

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