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Analogue Marine Gauge instruments

2017-07-10 18:54:22 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

The lastestmost modern techadvances is what Egauge offers with its product range in gauges for boat, truck, car, motorcycle and so on. For those who prefer the "retro" look and feel, Egauge's product range of marine gauges deliver just like that, and providing real-time, update information about the performance of your engine when you drive out on the sea water. Simple, intuitive and elegant is these analogue instruments provided.


Full-scale 7000rpm tachometer, lined up from the simple one to the fitted one equipped with caution lamp and troll mode.

automotive tachometer Gauge,jpg  Digital & Analog Tachometer Gauges.jpg

Trim gauge

The marine meter shows trim angle for optimum performance and efficiency.

boat trim meter.jpg  marine trim gauge.jpg

Fuel gauge

Simple and easy to see fuel level in the  truck gauges.

Fuel level indicator.jpg  Fuel level gauges.jpg


Hour meter

12-volt electric motor driven meter show hours that your OUTBOARD MOTOR has been operated for you to know when each periodic service is required.

car hour meter gauge.jpg  12V hour meter for small engine.jpg


Volt meter

To help your outboard motor run at its best, monitoring the charging system functioning with a voltmeter gauge.

voltmeter indicator.jpg  volt meter digital.jpg

Water level Gauge - Measures cooling-water level in the boat.

water level gauges.jpg  water level meter.jpg


GPS speedometer gauge with readings in km/h and knots. Includes vinyl tube, hardware and installation manual.

GPS speedometer.jpg  gps digital car speedometer.jpg

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