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Why choose egauge to be your supplier?

2016-03-15 13:37:55 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

'Why us'

Egauge supplies a comprehensive range of marine boat gauges and sensor parts, and specialize in other gauge products for yacht, car, motorcycle, truck, etc. With over 4 years of experience dealing with engine gauge products and spare parts, you can rely on us to provide you with the best technical knowledge and quality service.

Why choose Egauge?
 Multi-series marine meter products  
 Good discounts sale price and customer service
 Quality products and reliable project supports
 Products technical advice based on your requirements
 Hassle-free after-sale contact

Our Mission

Committing to provide you with a high level of customer care and outstanding customer service.

We share - we’re not only providing useful and practical information, but we're also inviting our clients to share a lot too. The better we know each other, the better we can tailor the satisfied products and services they want. Quid pro quo.

We thrive on Knowledge - Customers love to deal with the company who know their doing, especially when a technical know-how is required - so we do our best to have a great working to know our products and what we need to know more on gauge fields. This extends to knowing our customers too; becoming familiar with them and remembering how they work is crucial to developing strong bonds.

We're Honest - This might include matching a customer to their ideal product based on their needs. No matter how an opportunity manifests itself, by always being honest with the customer and respect the value between us.

We Innovate - We must update our product ranges to stay in touch with the latest in the gauging industry, with a view to catering to those customers who operate within that scope. 

We get it right - If we treat our customers well, they’ll forgive us if things go amiss from time to time. It’s our job to ensure that we not only solve the problem but that we learn from it. We should always keep our knowledge updates, and if in doubt, ask. We never provide unverified information. To ensure we maintain this value, we place the utmost importance on training our staff to the highest standard.

"Help you is the best way to help us, looking forward to servce your needs".

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