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The brief history of Egauge

2016-03-18 13:45:40 Marine Gauges Supplier Read


Egauge started in 2016 and continues to grow and develop, has become the professional gauge manufacturer with many years of industry experience, one-stop service with a very good reputation in the marine meters industry.  From the perspective of standing enhance the competitive advantage of an enterprise to build a strong connection with our customers and insist on "WIn-Win" cooperation. With the accelerating of the process of internationalization, Eguage has become an indispensable part of fields in marine gauges for boat, truck, car, excavator, motorcycle and other vehicles

Change over time, the proportion of sea gauge needs is constantly rising all over the world. Compared to the previous situation, we now focus more on product quality and after-sales service, we believe the good gauge products can make your life more safety, more reliable when driving. 

Build from nothing and we now have  pointer  and digital gauges including water temp and water leveloil temperature and oil pressure, fuel level, voltage, rudder, GPS speedometertrimtachometermulti-function engine dashboard, Nema2000  and  sensors, we also can provide  customized projects  and some additional accessories according to customer's requirements.

The construction of factory brand is a great program and is the most effective way to establish new customer relationships and the empowerment of an international image of the corporate brand, we are looking forward to your inquiries and long-time cooperation in near future.

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