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How does the private yachts save fuel?

2016-06-08 12:27:06 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

To truly do a good job in fueling a private yacht, you have to optimize the yacht components from the following aspects.


Private yacht fuel-saving strategy

1.The filter

The most famous fuel filtration product for recreational boats comes from Racor. Racor manufactures a wide range of spin-on filters with a dirt collection bowl and drain valve for petrol and diesel engines. The two-way Turbine range facilitates water separation and filtration of high moisture fuels. The lever can be used to complete the replacement of the new filter during engine operation, reducing the inconvenience caused by shutting down the sea and replacing the filter.


Additive manufacturers are as dazzling as their various painkillers, but some products are designed to meet the needs of recreational boats, and they are at the forefront of fuel-lifting technology. Starbrite, a manufacturer of storage stabilizers, can be used in automotive and marine fuels, as well as other maintenance products. The company recently introduced StarTron, an enzyme-based additive for use in gasoline or diesel. Solved a lot of fuel-related problems.

Jeff Siegel, vice president of Starbrite, said: "At the end of the active season of the yacht, we usually receive 50 to 60 calls from northeast and midwestern ship owners a day. They complain that stickies such as gums have blocked them. Oil/water separator. The fuel begins to gel due to the action of alcohol. Alcohol refers to the enhanced alcohol in the fuel, which acts as a binder between the hydrocarbon and the water. Or after the effects of the late seasonal temperature changes on the fuel tank, the stored fuel gelled due to a long time."


Even pure diesel will contain 5% moisture during the sale. Gasoline probably contains 1-2% water, but alcohol can be as high as 7-8%. No matter what kind of fuel tank is used to store the fuel, it will encounter the problem of moisture, which is the source of fuel inflow. For this reason, the water separator becomes the main cleaning tool for diesel engines.

Tyler explained: "The role of the enzyme in the StarTron additive is to untie the combination of fuel molecules, making it easier to combine with oxygen during combustion, thus making combustion more complete. Enzymes are biocatalysts, they do not It is consumed in the chemical reaction, but the efficiency of the reaction can be improved, which is actually to improve the fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions, and reduce the pollution level by 90%."

4.The washer

More and more phenomena indicate that yacht owners have begun to resort to cleaning equipment as a final step to optimize fuel, cleaning off water and sediment from fuels. John Napolitano, president of ReversoPumps, a manufacturer of fuel cleaning equipment for diesel-powered yachts. Say: "If the filter is blocked, it will cause steam resistance. If the filter is not good, or the blockage is too strong, because the vacuum pressure forces the fuel into the engine and becomes a bubbled liquid, the consequences will be Water enters the engine and causes serious damage.

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