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Why do yachts always go against the water?

2019-08-18 18:35:12 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

Bicycles have brakes, cars and trains also have brakes, but do you know that yachts have "brakes"?


If you take a yacht, you will find a very interesting phenomenon: whenever the yacht is going to be docked, always put the bow on the water, slowly lean toward the pier, and then steadily land. The more urgent the water flow, the more obvious this phenomenon is. You can pay attention: the ships that flow down the Yangtze River or other big rivers, when they come to the shore, do not immediately dock, they have to go around a big circle, so that the ship is driving against the current, only slowly Beach.

Yacht resting on the water

Here is a simple arithmetic problem, you may wish to do one thing: If the speed of the water is 3 kilometers per hour, the engine has stopped when the ship is going to dock, its speed is 4 kilometers per hour, this time if it is smooth, this How many kilometers does the boat travel every hour? What if it is against the water? You may be able to answer the above questions if you blurt out, which is 7 kilometers per hour when going downstream, and 1 kilometer per hour when going upstream. Since the purpose is to stop the boat, is it 7 kilometers so fast to stop, or 1 km so slow to stop? Of course, the slower the easier it is to stop.

In this way, by bringing the yacht back to the dock, you can use the resistance of the water to the hull and play a part of the “brake”. In addition, the yacht is equipped with “brake” equipment and power, for example: when the yacht is docked or running In the event of an emergency on the way, when it is urgent to stop moving forward, it can be anchored, and the main engine of the yacht can also use the reverse drive to "break".

Another is that the top flow is better than the rudder, but because the yacht is generally dual-host, through the operation of the dual-host, it is convenient to put the boat on the berth, and some yachts also install the thruster, etc., but no matter how the technology Advanced, or always operate and accumulate experience.

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