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How to choose the engine of a private yacht?

2019-08-18 18:16:14 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

The engine is like the "heart" of a yacht. The quality of the engine is mainly based on the power and economy, that is, the engine has better power, good acceleration and lowers fuel consumption.


According to the type of installation:

Inboard engine: The engine is installed inside the hull and used by large yachts.

Inboard and outboard: The engine is mounted on the inside of the hull and the propeller is mounted on the outside of the hull. For small and medium-sized boats.

Outboard motor: The machine is not permanently fixed on the ship and needs to be disassembled and placed on the shore for propulsion. Due to its small size, high power, and high speed, it is widely used in high-speed boats, fishing boats, and work boats.

Jet engine: Intakes water into the engine, accelerates backward injection to obtain power, does not require a rudder, and changes the direction of the jet to change the direction of travel of the vessel.

According to the fuel used:

Gasoline engine: smaller than a diesel engine, lightweight, low noise, easy to repair. Relatively easy to start, because gasoline has low ignition point, low thermal efficiency, short thermal energy conversion into kinetic energy, kinetic energy is easy to play, speeding up and easy to control, suitable for pushing the hull and the lighter weight of the boat.

Diesel engine: Compared with the gasoline engines, the advantage of diesel engines is that diesel is cheap, economical and has fewer failures. From the perspective of horsepower, the diesel engine is more powerful than the gasoline engine and is more widely used on ships. Diesel engines have a relatively long service life and relatively low operating costs. The diesel hotspot is high, the thermal efficiency is high, the thermal efficiency is converted into kinetic energy, the kinetic energy is played and the acceleration response is slow, but the kinetic energy conversion and the ability to increase the torque are strong, and it is more suitable for pushing the heavy hull and the ship with larger load.

Engine performance

The engine is like the "heart" of a yacht. The quality of the engine is mainly based on the power and economy, that is, the engine has better power, good acceleration and lowers fuel consumption. There are many factors affecting engine power and fuel consumption. The most influential factors are displacement, compression ratio, and gas distribution mechanism. The performance of the engine on the yacht cannot be assessed solely by the speed indicator. On the yacht, the performance is a fusion of comfort, stability, handling, fuel economy and speed.


Engine brand

The choice of engine brand is mainly to see if the engine manufacturer has a good service network in China because even the best engine is inseparable from service. Currently, in China, the best choice should be Volvo Penta, the main choice is for large and medium-sized yachts; the small yacht's engine can choose Yamaha.

Volvo Penta in Sweden - excellent overall performance and fuel efficiency, complete power system, light design, low noise, low vibration, every pure Volvo Penta part is designed and developed together with the whole machine Easy to install and maintain. Excellent after-sales service. The engine power produced ranges from 10 to 2,000 horsepower.

Cummins (Cummins) - a combination of fuel-efficient, durable, reliable, lightweight and compact. Easy maintenance.

Mercury, a US-based Mercury engine with good explosiveness and low fuel consumption, is a unique rubber suspension installation system.

Yamaha, Japan – stable performance, strong horsepower, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and rust and corrosion protection systems increase the durability of outboard engines.

German MAN engine – using the latest technology. For example, high power injection is performed through a porous nozzle. Or supercharged and air-cooled, which together with high pressure ensures a low-pollution combustion process. The MAN diesel engine is designed to be lightweight, powerful, durable, low-power, and ready for work.

The Caterpillar engine in the United States has an advanced power unit. The speed can be automatically controlled when the load is small or no load, which automatically reduces the engine speed and reduces fuel consumption. Low noise, low vibration, small exhaust emission, environmental protection and high efficiency, stable and reliable performance.


Yanmar (Yanmar) - provides powerful power and torque while maintaining minimum fuel consumption, easy to operate and durable.

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