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Introduction of three Italian yacht brands

2016-10-10 10:02:12 Marine Gauges Supplier Read

Italy is the most dynamic place in the world for modern yacht design. It gathers most of the world's yacht designers. They are the leaders of the fashion trend. They regard design as an interpretation, combining life and art with philosophical methods. It does not forget the people-oriented design purpose while meeting the needs of users' lives and applications. When the famous Italian writer and art critic Uberto Aike talked about Italian design, "If there is a design theory in other countries, Italy has a design philosophy, perhaps a set of design ideology."


The characteristics of Italian yachts are that the manufacturing process is exquisite, the design is very fashionable, and there is a full-line high-end configuration inside. Bold use of the most advanced technology is one of the important reasons why Italian yachts attract global buyers. In addition to these factors, a large part of the design of Italian yachts is its practicality, which shows the trend, fashion style and the characteristics of Italian interior designers. In the last 20 to 30 years, the Italian design trend is gradually changing, and this change is everywhere. The Italian yacht design style is more guided by it, tending to a gorgeous and elegant style, reflecting the personality and taste. These changes are not only development and progress but also the best reflection of the development of the times.

Absolute: Ferrari in a luxury yacht

With more than 40 years of shipbuilding experience, Absolute is considered to be a pioneer in the manufacture of modern Italian power yachts. Absolute is the fastest growing yacht brand in Italy and Europe. It was founded at the beginning to create a luxury yacht with the passion of crossing the waves. Absolute is the most luxurious yacht with the best design and the most exquisite craftsmanship. It is also the most environmentally friendly luxury yacht.

The Absolute yacht uses the components used in the famous Italian sports car. The interior is exquisitely crafted. The materials used are super high-quality leather and solid surface. The omnidirectional visibility of the rudder design, spacious and safe side deck, The multi-storage room and the spacious cabin with shower are the result of the wisdom of Absolute experts.

More critically, Absolute's full range of products are equipped with VOLVO's IPS system, engine efficiency increased by 35%, maximum speed increased by 20%, acceleration performance increased by 15%, fuel consumption reduced by 30%, noise level reduced by 50 %, low exhaust emissions, more environmentally friendly, ahead of similar yachts.

Ferretti: The sea is a natural studio

1968 entered China. Ferretti is part of the Ferretti Group, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of luxury yachts.

Faraday's maxim - entering the world of Ferretti means having a yacht born from the sea. This is not just a romantic discourse. The meaning of this sentence is: the sea is a natural studio, sailing on the sea can help us to continuously improve and design excellent yachts. The idea of "the yacht is used to feel the life, not to show off" is the concept. It ensures that the yacht is unmatched in performance and technology.

Azimut: A note that jumps on a blue movement

As the world's leading luxury yacht brand and the representative of Italy's top yachts, we always adhere to the principle of “Never stop trying, constantly explore new technology, and strive to perfection”. It is loved by yacht lovers and successful people all over the world. It is the world's top leisure. The yacht brand, the best-selling Italian yacht brand in Europe, America, and Asia, is owned by the Italian Azimut-Benetti Group. 1969 entered China. Azimut (Azimut) is the world's leading leisure yacht brand, and its modern pioneering innovation, enterprising research and development, and Italian craftsmanship together build the brand's brilliant achievements today. Whether it is a classic flybridge yacht or a stylish sports boat, its design and production represent the global trend, and it is one of the best-selling Italian yacht brands in Europe, America, and Asia.

Azimut's perfect design blends into every detail of the yacht: the revolutionary open superstructure makes the approach to the sea more flexible and diverse, the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere makes people immersed in it, and the living area is not only open to the sea breeze. You can also keep your privacy and create your own private space. Such a stunner on the water, let people appreciate, can not help but look at the comfort and coziness of the high sea blue that day.

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