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    Engine Oil Pressure Sensors for Boat & Car

    The marine Oil Pressure Sensor gauge sender is mainly applied to many fields, such as the engine pipe of vehicles and ships, water processing projects, inspection and control of industrial processes, hydraulic and pneumatic control projects, etc.

    1. Detailed information
    • Operating voltage:6~24V 

    • Conducting power: < 5W

    • Operating temperature: -25 ~120°C(120°C MAX 1H) 

    • Measuring range: 0~5Bar or 0~10Bar

    • Alarm: 0.8Bar or 1.4Bar

    • Output signal: Standard resistance value: 10~184Ω

    • Thread fitting: NPT1/4,NPT1/8,M10,M10X1 or customized as requires.  

    • Protection rank: IP66

    • It combines the advantages of excellent anti-vibration performance, long service life, simple assembly, stable quality, wide range of operating temperature, etc. 

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